Fire Destroys Virginia Home Of Powerball Winner

The home of one of the biggest lottery jackpot winners ever has been destroyed by fire.

The Friday morning fire in rural Bland County, Virginia rendered the home a total loss. The home, located only a few miles from the West Virginia border, belonging to Powerball winner Jack Whittaker and his wife. Fire officials say Whittaker’s wife was home at the time of the blaze and managed to get out of the home safely. The fire is believed to have started in the home’s kitchen.


FILE PHOTO: CC0 image of flames of a fire from Pixabay user Werbefuzzy68.

Whittaker is a West Virginia businessman who won the second-largest Powerball jackpot claimed by an individual. Whittaker claimed the $314 million jackpot from the Powerball drawing on Christmas Day 2002.

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